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Who's Coming to Rider Reunions 2016?
Results: (1 - 50) of 272
Class ofNameMaiden nameNicknameMajor
'72Martin C. AberbachAccounting
'11Jennifer M. AdamcikPsychology
'60Donald J. AlbaneseAccounting
'14Nicholas AlbanesePolitical Science
'62Rosemarie A. AlbaneseFalconeMedical Office Administration
'13Laura R. AlbrightFinance
'59Joseph E. AllenBusiness Administration
'06Lindsay A. AlvaradoWalterPsychology
'55Barbara H. AndrewsHarcourtAccounting
'84Roger I. BaronCommunication
'57Howard F. BellizioAccounting
'04Andrew M. BergenComputer Information Systems
'66Robert S. BerkowitzAccounting
'13William F. BetheaJournalism
'11Kaitlin A. BishopPsychology
'76Eugene W. BlicharzGeneBusiness Administration
'10Erin C. BogdanBethkeFinance
'87Beverly J. BraddockO'BrienBevMarketing
'05Kimberly M. BrancatoManagement
'11Maria C. BrandenbergerCiccarelliAccounting
'48Walter A. Brower
'10Edith A. BrownMartelliLiberal Studies
'05Stephanie E. ButalaBestElementary Education
'87Lois A. CahillHarmManagement and Organizational Behavior
'14Sadé C. CalinJournalism (LA)
Angelina M. Carione
'15John P. CarrollHistory
'55Joseph A. CasarellaBusiness Administration
'05Mark-Sylver A. CastilloComputer Information Systems
'06Robin C. CastilloTrostJournalism
'11Briana G. CelanoAccounting
'09Jonathan A. ChebraPolitical Science
'15Scott J. CollinsMarketing
'72Geoffrey CollisBusiness Administration
'88Lisa A. ColluraRuppeBusiness Administration
'75Kevin R. ConnollyMarketing
'96Lynn S. ConnollyHuman Services Administration
'11Erin C. CorcoranFinance
'09Ginamarie A. CorderoPolitical Science
'06Arthur A. CouthenCommunication
'04Ronald J. CovalAccounting
'73Stephen A. CraneManagement and Organizational Behavior
'06Rachel B. CurranMesslerCommunication
'11Jonathan R. D'AgostinoHistory
'06Andrew R. DanishCommunication
'66Harold L. DavisBusiness Administration
'11Rick A. DelGaldoComputer Information Systems
'00Lauren A. DelisioKluthCommunication
'50Florence J. DePativoDi PastinaSecretarial Science
'11Michael A. DeStefanoGlobal Supply Chain Management
Results: (1 - 50) of 272