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Welcome to MyRider, your online community for Rider University and Westminster Choir College alumni.  Rider pride has never been stronger, that's why this is the perfect time to join your fellow alumni in the fastest growing trend on the Web - social networking.  MyRider provides a free, safe place to find your classmates from years past and renew the bond that started right here on campus.  MyRider is your online resource for news, alumni and campus events, as well as exclusive benefits and services.




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Registration for Westminster Reunions is now Open!

Visit the website for a full schedule of events and to register.  Click here.

View photos from last year's reunions here.



Registration for Rider Reunions is open.  Click here to view a full schedule
and register today.

View photos from last year's reunions here.


The Sesquicentennial Celebration Continues!

Join us for the many special events we'll be hosting to celebrate

Rider's 150th anniversary. Click here.








Rider University Alumni Association 2015 Trip of a Lifetime

♦ A Journey to Four Nordic Capitals ♦

You'll visit the highlights of Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm.

This trip will be held from June 18 - 28, 2015.  Click here for details.




Read all about it.  Our Anniversary issue.  Happy 150th, Rider.

View the web version now here.

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Easy Steps to Organize an Event

Creating a gathering of Rider friends is easy. Follow these simple steps

and let us help you make new memories with your college pals.


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Rider University Lands' End products

We've partnered with Lands' End to offer Rider University Alumni

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Support the Rider University Store and use your 20% alumni discount

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