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Rider Reunions Tips



Welcome home …

Whether we lived on campus or commuted to class, Rider has been a home away from home for many of us.   It’s exciting to revisit the campus and see what’s new, visit with old friends and welcome new alumni into the fold. 

Rider Reunions comes at a time when campus activities are at a peak. Sharing the campus will be the athletes of Special Olympics New Jersey, who will be Going for the Gold at competitions off-campus.

With this extra bus activity in mind, the Rider team has put your comfort first by creating a simple traffic flow and convenient parking to get you to alumni activities on time.  While the Main Entrance will be open after noon during Reunions, for safety purposes we ask that you enter and exit campus from the South Gate at all times during Reunions. 



Coming and Going

All weekend long the visitor's parking lot will be designated “Alumni Only” for the exclusive use of returning alumni.  The parking lot is conveniently located directly behind the Student Recreation Center and the Alumni Gym, adjacent to the Bart Luedeke Center.




The main entrance to the campus will be closed until noon. Township Police will direct all campus traffic to enter the grounds through the South Gate. Parking attendants will guide alumni to park in the “Alumni Only” parking lot located behind the Student Recreation Center and the Alumni Gym.  Event registration will take place at the event venue.  The Information Desk in the Bart Luedeke Center will provide you with directions and reunion information.

Visit the Map, Parking and More link on the website sidebar for a clear understanding of weekend parking and traffic flow.



For those staying overnight on Saturday, traffic patterns will return to normal with all gates open and accessible. 



Staying the Night?

Overnight Guests:
All overnight guests should proceed to Hank and Bonnie Moore Hall for check-in and room assignments.  A building attendant will provide room keys, overnight parking permits and directions.  Room keys must be dropped off by 10 a.m. at the Express Check-Out in the lobbies after your stay is complete.  Be aware that cars parked overnight on the Campus Mall may be towed at the owner's expense.



What if it Rains?

Check the Home Page for rain plans and cancellations which are listed on the Schedule of Events.



Cancellation Policy

For full reimbursement, please give us 72-hour notice if you can’t make it to an event in which you’ve pre-registered.