Alumni Association Board of Directors



Executive Committee



Marci Gnandt '00, '03




Stephen Brill '01
First Vice President



Eileen Wirth '88, '95
Second Vice President





Kenneth Bernabe '69
Corresponding Secretary/Treasurer














Walter Darr '78, '91




Board of Directors

Tommy Butler '10
Tricia A. Carlin '93
Joseph Casarella '55 (Honorary)
Walter Darr '78, '91
Tanisha Russell Day '00, '03
Pedro Figueroa '09
Jessica Crowell-Graff '15
Kenneth M. Isky '77 (Honorary)
Kevin Lawton '10, '11
Christopher Manning '06
David J. McCue '78 (Honorary)
Richard E. Moyer '74
Matthew Nissen '08, '09
Terry Rogers Jr. '79
Amy Friedman Schwartz '87
Inna Scully '08
Kevin J. Vinicombe '93
Nicole Woodland-DeVan '98
Herbert R. Young '50 (Honorary)

Committee Structure


Executive Committee


Marci Gnandt


Alumni Relations Staff Representative:
Natalie Pollard

This committee is responsible for overseeing the management of the Alumni Board of Directors.


Kenneth Bernabe
Stephen Brill
Walter Darr
Eileen Wirth


Terry Rogers 

Alumni Relations Staff Representatives:
Natalie Pollard

This committee will be involved with selecting the recipients of the four Alumni Awards which will be presented during Rider Reunions in June.



Joe Casarella
Kenneth Isky
Ken Bernabe 
Walter Darr

Non-Board Members:
Barbara Jacobs '98, '02
Shawn Kildea '93, '01
James Manahan '80

Alumni Engagement

Amy Friedman Schwartz
Tanisha Day Russell

Alumni Relations Staff Representative:
Jennifer Gursky

Members of this committee will serve as ambassadors for the Alumni Office and will specifically assist the Office of Alumni Relations at Rider Reunions, will meet and greet alumni at various events, will recruit volunteers for alumni events.


Tricia Carlin
Inna Scully
Rich Moyer
Kevin Vinicombe
Herb Young 

Student Engagement

Kevin Lawton
Tommy Butler

Alumni Relations Staff Representative:
Pamela Mancini


Members of this committee will take an active role in Post Commencement Receptions in May and will work with Alumni Relations and the President’s Office. They will also plan and implement a Pinning Ceremony for the Senior Class.  In addition, they will serve as guest speakers in support of student oriented events and will attend the Family Weekend Legacy Breakfast held in November each year.



Pedro Figueroa
Jessica Crowell-Graff
Chris Manning
Matthew Nissen


Fundraising Committee

Eileen Wirth

Alumni Relations Staff Representative:
Natalie Pollard 


This committee will be responsible for taking an active role in promoting and upporting fundraising initiatives for the Alumni Board and the University.